Webinar At FMCG Industry

Organizations have adopted online meetings these days as people could be stationed in multiple locations. To keep these meetings intact the strong methodology should be applied, that can generate the clear audio and video.

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FMCG, the name itself defines the speed required to cope up with the requirements in the market. This industry has the most complex channel of distribution and requires extensive marketing and publicity at every level.

Due to its short shelf life, low margin and intense competition, success requires collaboration across the marketing – development – manufacturing value chain, combining the work of creative and technical department.

Why CogDAM according to different business scenarios in FMCG :

  • Strategy making on Product launch:

The product must be launched with an effective strategy to sustain in the market.Need of urgent training at different channels regarding the new product launched required.

At the time of a product launched in the market, the company, the distribution channel, the retailers require a meeting regarding the forecast of the sale, profit through this product and find out the pros and consequences.

The CogDAM facilitates with the WEBINAR facility to arrange a meeting of the associates at large scale at a single point of time.  It saves time, and manpower required to train every channel partners separately.

During webinar the documents can be shared to clarify the points.

Meeting for sales and the marketing teams can be conducted through the Webinar. The recording for webinar is possible for the later reference also. 

  • Creation of Marketing Collateral:

The communication between creative and technical team is very slow and error prone which leads to the week marketing campaign.The images, videos, documents and other digital assets are stored at multiple locations and finds hard to locate when needed.

The creation team requires to update the marketing collateral on regular basis to cope with the market requirements. This calls to gather the feedback from customers through different channels such as marketing team and channel distributors.

The data is collected by the channel partners and based on that the further plans for marketing is prepared.

This action also requires the previous data to be stored at a single location that will save the time in searching the data, required to frame the new plans at the same time saves time and cost incurred.

With CogDAM the data are stored with the event date and grouped accordingly. The creation department can search the data according to event whenever required.

  • Customer solution and retention:

The customer support team can arrange the webinar with the customer to find the issue and provide solution to it. This will lead to solve the issue instantly giving customer satisfaction. The customer feels more comfortable with Webinar than audio and becomes a loyal customer.

Admin can allow users to create a meeting/ webinar/ webcast in the portal which people can join. The admin can also choose who should join the meeting according to different conditions and set visibility for such events as well. The admin can also pull out and push out the members during the meetings. The prerequisites can also be shared during the meeting.

Recording the webinar for entire duration is possible so that people can refer to it later. You can store the webinar with proper title and tags for better classification and storage.

Benefits of Webinar:

  1. Webinar facilitates to arrange a meeting of the associates at large scale.
  2. Low cost of infrastructure.
  3. Fast and effective way of communication.
  4. Recording of the webinar sessions for future reference.