Sharing photos/videos In Real Estate Industry

Users face issues like attaching large file size in emails, loss of photos/ media, trouble in locating media in pile of other files and folder, etc. They are not able to send the large file through any emails or other platform available.

CogDAM stores all the data in one single repository which makes all the data easily accessible. Users can also search and apply filters to identify the desired file. The data can be searched using the Metadata methodology also.

If your organization recently held an event or an annual celebration then sharing photos and videos across departments becomes very easy and convenient. Also, CogDAM helps deliver consistently high-quality, smooth video with adaptive bitrate live streaming. CogDAM offers a one-step video streaming which allows users to directly upload any video format as it is automatically encoded to offer a live stream experience just like YouTube. Users can customize renditions or use out of the box SD/HD sets to optimize playback for any viewer screen size or network conditions. The video could also be seen on full screen.



Real estate industry is one of the biggest industry in terms of growth. The companies invest a lot on their marketing strategy and publicity to attract customers and real estate agencies. The company build up sample flats and marketing collateral according to the need of the hour. This gives rise to adoption of a better technology to make the process more effective and fast.

  • Sharing Videos and Photos:

The real estate companies also work with many estate agencies on commission basis, to generate more business. These agencies require the marketing collaterals or the visuals of project in form of photos and videos. The companies incur huge fund in Brochure printing.

With CogDAM, the company can share the videos and photos of the projects and sample through the data stored at the central hub. As these files are larger in size, can’t be send through emails or other mediums.

The trend of 360-degree shoot of the sample flats and projects has gone up. Many companies shoot their upcoming projects to launch from the aerial panoramas view. 360 Virtual Tours allow the client to not just view the location but also to experience it.

These videos cause people to face issues with playing videos at their end due to unsupported or large file. Also, it is very difficult to find a single encoding service which can be used by all devices.

CogDAM offers the solution to this. CogDAM offers a one-step video streaming solution which allow users to directly upload any video format such as WMV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MP4, OGG etc. The video is automatically encoded to offer a live stream experience just like YouTube. It creates a buffered output video that runs smoothly on any device through.

The agency can access the data at any point of time and provide to the clients without actual visit.

  • Client Visit to get the updates:

The client always visits the site for the updates on their flat construction status that cost the time of the client as well the company employee.

The company can upload the photos or videos of the construction site to share the status with the client. The admin can set the rights to just view the photos and comment on it to rectify the issue if persist.

The company can Store the photos and videos at the central repository and give access to the clients as per the authorization.

  • Interior Designers:

Lots of correction is required in the interior designs to match-up the company requirements. The designs are created and consulted with the construction company again and again. This causes lot of transportation and time.

CogDAM provides the platform where the associates can create the design and share through CogDAM to get the comments. They can upload the designs and get the feedback instantly. This saves time and cost of transportation and makes the process go faster.

  • Soft copy of the Brochure:

The customers visit the site during their search for the better projects and collect the brochures. This cost time of the customer and money of the Real estate companies. The Admin can publish the photos at large scale for the users to view and receive comment on it to clear their questions.

The Real Estate company upload the brochure in the portal, available for the customer to go through the project details and make their decision.

Benefits of Sharing photos and videos:

  1. Saves time and cost of transportation.
  2. Makes the process move faster.
  3. Share comments regarding the projects .
  4. Updated images and videos.