CogDAM For Media Industry

Media files are found to be in many formats but with no uniformity in terms of the format of the file, the platform from which it has been uploaded and on which platform it will be viewed/played on. This causes people to face issues with playing videos at their end due to unsupported file on their system. Also, it is very difficult to find a single encoding service which can be used by all devices. The users also suffer from the streaming videos as it takes time to buffer and start.

CogDAM is meant to encode the video and broadcast it on large scale with the Youtube like experience.

The Media and Entertainment industry is a rising sector for the economy and is making high growth strides. The Media and entertainment industry is on the cusp of a strong phase of growth, backed by rising consumer demand and improving advertising revenues.

The media has grown immensely and the reason behind it is the acceptance of technology at all levels. The media channels are in the print, television, online and many other platforms. It’s the process that runs 24/7, and requires a huge storage space.

As the media runs the program 24/7, and that contains the repeat telecast of many previous series. This calls to store data at the single location, as can be derived whenever required. The data are stored at a central hub and is secured to be used again and again. Unlimited data storage in form of video, images, documents and many more should possess. The data should be stored in customized and organised format that helps to search locate data.


  • Store huge Data:

The media needs to store all the data however old it is and thats’ too in organized manner. This requires the additional set of infrastructure each and every time which costs very high.

CogDAM helps to store unlimited data at a single location making the access of data very efficient. The old data can be retrieved easily with CogDAM.

  • Uploaded video are in different format:

The videos available with the media company are in different format. These videos are uploaded on the company online portal by their employees recorded through their mobile or camera which may not be supporting at the user’s end.

CogDAM offers a one-step video streaming solution which allows users to directly upload any video format such as WMV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MP4, OGG etc.  The video is automatically encoded to offer a live stream experience just like YouTube.

  • Uninterrupted Video:

The videos uploaded on the portals can be unsupported file, CogDAM creates a buffered output video that runs smoothly on any device. CogDAM eliminates the need for users to install third party application. The Live video streaming is possible across all platform and devices in HD quality. It also offers size rendering for any screen size to provide the better video experience.

  • Webinar:

The success of media industry is because of their reach. They hire the local reporters for each location and connect through them to generate news and media content.

The webinar can be the useful platform to connect to any reporters or group of reporters at a time and share the data. Team members can call the meeting on urgent basis from anywhere as per the authorization delegated by the Admin.

The Media person can use this tool to conduct debates, interview of the other external public. These interviews and debates can be recorded for future reference.The webinar cut down the cost in terms of hardware as well as manpower. This also cut down the time as can be conducted at any point of time without much setup required.

Benefits of Media Encoding:

  1. Saves infrastructure cost
  2. Less  time to find the old data
  3. Save data event wise.
  4. Search data through Metadata.