Learning Management System

The trend of learning through the videos had widened up and the Organizations have adopted the video methodology to make things simpler, faster and short.

 Online education is a type of educational instruction that is delivered via the internet to students using their home computers as they no longer rely purely on printed learning materials and have expanded its use by recording lectures for distance learning programs. But as the requirement is on the larger scale, the cost will be too high. Hence the concern rises how they would continue to provide students with onsite and distance learning options without any technical limitations.

Technology can be used to improve teaching and learning and help our students be successful. However, technology can be a “force multiplier” for the teacher. Instead of the teacher being the only source of help in a classroom, students can access web sites, online, tutorials, and more to assist them.

The learning can be completely transformed into video which allows a person to watch the video and learn from it. Video being available at any point of time, becomes a great source of learning even without the need of a tutor. This removes the user’s dependency on the tutor for learning, and user can easily learn through the video referrals at any point of time while on the move too. This also discard the need of classroom training and saves the cost of infrastructure.

User can also share the screen, documents, scratchpad, Digi notes or files to make the learning more effective.

  • Video visuals for the Institutes:

Videofy your enterprise with CogDam which integrates with all SCORM based systems such as Moodle and Success Factors and delivers smooth video experience what normal plug-ins do not. It also allows a user to have a detailed analysis, search option and interactivity with the tool. LMS facilitates distance learning as the data is available and accessible anytime from any corner of the globe.

The admin can create the rooms and customize the count of user for each room according to the requirements to make it more effective. He can also authorize the other user as an admin to control over the meetings. The admin has the authority to turn on-off the VC, Audio or other functions while meeting is being conducted.

  • Storage of study material:

For online tutorials, the institutes need to store all the study materials at a place that can be accessed by students. The storage should be organized and grouped according to the requirements. To build the infrastructure on such a large scale will cost too high.

CogDAM is the best solution for this technical hitch. All the data can be stored at a single repository. Unlimited data can be stored and organised according to the groups.The It team of the institute can store all the reading materials at the central hub of the portal accessible to all the users. The students can visit the online video library to get the course related materials.

The It team can upload the video irrespective of the  format on the portal as it will be encoded at the user end. The students can play the video and learn at any point of time, that removes the dependency of the tutor without depending on which platform it is being played.

 LMS facilitates distance learning as the data is available and accessible anytime from any corner of the globe.LMS reduces overall cost of the infrastructure required for such a mass storage. It also saves time in searching the data as it is stored in an organized format. The admin can also change the scale of the storage according to the requirement, saving extra cost.

  • Extra Classes during Exams:

During exams the teachers conduct extra classes for the student’s perfection. After the whole day at school and college the students do not find it impressive and consumes more time in travelling.

CogDAM helps the teachers to conduct the lectures through LMS and help the student to get the better and effective education. It helps the students to get the revision sessions without visiting the infrastructure and investing time in transportation.

  • Submit Projects:

During the project submission , the requirements arises for change in the project manual. The students need to always consult the tutors physically to get it checked.

CogDAM acts as the bridge between the students and tutors,the students can submit their reports and ask for the changes if required. The tutors can also evaluate through the online available reports and provide their valuable suggestions .

Benefits of LMS:

  1. LMS reduces overall cost required for such a mass storage.
  2. Saves time in searching the data.
  3. Students do not find it impressive and consumes more time in travelling.
  4. 24*7 availability of the study materials.
  5. No dependency on tutors.