Digital Asset Sharing-Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry being one of the fastest growing sectors in the world calls for the highest competency. The biggest challenge faced the by the companies is to meet the satisfaction level of their channel partners and customers. To overcome this every enterprise should develop, maintain and expand it’s brand equity and customer loyalty in terms of marketing their brand at large scale.

  • Customer’s Online Guide:

In today’s market place the customer use Internet as the major tool to guide their purchase decisions as well as a platform for sharing their experience and feedback. The customers are short of time that creates a need to search for the better option online. This requires the automotive industry to upload the files, Car Images and Videos online and share it with customers to create value for it.

The better the look , the better will be the chance to attract the customer.

CogDAM helps to store the photos and videos  of the cars at the central repository keeping it safe and secure and share the link to channel partners and customers , to help them experience the car’s interior and exterior.

  • Maintain Customer records:

The companies face the issue of maintaining the records of the customers at the distributor level and store it at a secure and central repository to make it easily accessible to the authorized distributors. The channel partners carry out the feedback collection strategy to satisfy the needs of each customer and remind them about the due servicing of their vehicle after regular intervals.

CogDAM is a solution which allows an organization use to store all digital assets in a central repository which makes the data accessible from one single source by all the distributors. A workflow can be set as per the requirement so that the data can be well organized and a user can even sort and filter in search according to the time of the event and carry appropriate actions.

The buyers status can be tracked by maintaining the record, to analyze them to find the results and act accordingly. This will the channel partners to retain the buyers and not let them switch the brand or service.

  • Training of Staff:

With a new model launched or any up-gradation in the previous models requires the training for their sales staff as well as service staff. The company frames the new marketing collateral for the new product. The learning can be completely transformed into video which allows a person to watch the video and learn from it. All the training videos are uploaded at a single location. Video being available at any point of time from a single source, saves time and efforts. These videos can be played on any device.

  • Marketing and Publicity:

When a new model is launched it requires an extensive marketing to hit the product and hold the market. The marketing strategy requires a lot of investment, time and manpower.

With CogDAM the media files can be easily shared with your channel partners to run the marketing campaign. The media files related to sales department will be stored in the Sales group and service department to service group as per the delegated authorization to access that.

CogDAM is a single solution to all queries and it helps to create the better opportunity to rise in the market through better customer realization.

Benefits of Digital Asset Sharing:

  1. Store all digital assets in a central repository.
  2. Data being available at any point of time.
  3. Filter the search.