Complex Workflows At Banking Industry

In any organization, there are number of channels and departments which requires a different set of tasks to be carried for each separately, and that creates a complexity in the work. Complex workflow can be easily managed by creating and maintaining multiple channels for different departments.

The admin holds great importance in managing these channels as he provides access for various functions and also approves or rejects the files that users upload on the portal. The Admin can reject and delete the file after being published. Version control of files allows a user to view the time-stamp of creation of the document or media file. The workflow becomes very easy and short as there is no paperwork and all the details can be mentioned in the document description/title of the file that helps to locate the file easily. Workflow avoids the use of physical logistics like approval on paper documents in order to save time and streamline the organization’s departments to work more effectively.


Banking industry has the widest network of agents, channel partners, freelancers and staffs, and to generate revenue through these Banks require a proper training and good knowledge about the products and the services to deliver to them. Banks serve a wide range of verticals and the numerous revision in the plans and products of banking sector calls for a proper update to be delivered to all the associates.

  • Maintain records department wise:

At large industries , where the employee size is high, the admin needs to maintain records department wise. The files uploaded on the portal are also required to be set with certain authorizations for different departments.

CogDAM helps out to create department wise records . The collaterals are uploaded department wise and grouped accordingly for the better access.This makes easy to set the authorization of work. The employees can access the data only created for their department use and not others.

  • Set different set of workflow for different department:

A situation arises where the need of extensive training and proper record maintenance is required at the central hub accessible to all the associates for the reference at any point of time. Due to its wide network of associates, this task becomes tedious and can be sorted out through the COGDAM.

The manual process requires a lot of time and cost. Through CogDAM the admin can set of workflow, maintain it and results in better actions.

  • Set of Authorization:

The admin can allocate different set of authorization for different departments , this ensures the smooth work being carried in the organisation.

Benefits of Complex Workflow System:

  1. Sorted workflow within the organisation.
  2. Delegation of Authority
  3. Smooth working.