Advertise Publicly for Online Industry

Advertising is an integral part of sales and marketing. When an organization wants to roll out a new product and boost the publicity, they need to streamline sales and marketing department for advertising and publicity. This requires tool for market penetration.Tough competition among the different brands calls for the extensive marketing and publicity for the product. The marketing message needs to move to an approach that reflects customer engagement, dialogue and collaboration.


Problems in Advertising publicly:

  • How to advertise a newly launched product to the channels?
  • How to share sales collateral to marketing/sales team?

Sales and marketing teams are always connected with distribution network for their products.

  • Extensive Marketing:

The distribution of the marketing collateral through multiple channels is vast work. It requires a lot of time and manpower to be involved with huge cost.

CogDAM helps sales and marketing teams to broadcast the marketing collateral to distribution network. This technology helps the team to circulate the marketing and advertisement collaterals within the sort period of time.

The video stored at the CogDAM is used by channel partners to run a video campaign and attract customers. The brand image should be created within the minds of customer, to penetrate the market. The channel partners should run the ad of the new products on large scale to attract the customers to the new products.

The sales collaterals can reach out to channel partners, customers, employees in a very short duration. The reach through this technology can be done at large scale and globally. The Admin can schedule an event & e-mail broadcast link with code to all channels/participant for broadcasting the information and a detailed presentation can also be included in the same. This will ensure lower costs in sharing marketing content and advertisement of the new product in a short duration as circulation will be digitized. Also, new schemes and other products or additions can be streamlined through the broadcast in the short periods at very low cost as no manpower is involved.

  • Wide range of verticals:

The online eCommerce portal has wide range of vertical and products. Each product and vertical require an unique advertisement and approach. Bulk data is required for the creation of unique add for each product.

The marketing team collects these data from the channel partners and upload them on the portal for the use by the creation team to come out with a live campaign.

  • Reach of the Advertisement:

Result of every advertisement depend on the reach of the marketing plan executed. To attract more customers the advertisement should be catchy and effective. The videos are very effective to generate more demands. The message delivered through these marketing elements should be clear and sound to create the effect in customer minds.

Helps sales and marketing teams to broadcast the marketing collateral to distribution network through multiple channels.

Benefits of CogDAM:

  1. Fast and effective.
  2. Market penetration with help of large channel distribution.
  3. Low cost of advertisement.
  4. Saves manpower.
  5. Reduces the hardware and software cost.