CogDAM-Lowering Operational Cost

Meet the trend that is impacting the ability to create, manage, deliver and optimize your digital asset by lower operating cost. CogDAM identifies the trends that help you to deliver more meaningful experience with the right assets through the right channels, at the right time.How can you help increase brand consistency across multiple channels and devices?Why marketers need digital asset tools that increase responsiveness to customers in real time?The importance of rich media delivering personalized content that deepens customer connections has raise a numbers of questions in handling your important files. But with the help and use of CogDAM (Digital Asset Management) managing your files in a more organized way have become much easier with a lower operating cost.

CogDAM needs is vital where every company or organization runs on a budget, cost is a factor in the decision making process when it comes to purchasing new technology or tools. CogDAM is the best fit where the amount and type of digital assets you manage and the workflows surrounding your rich media use and who administered the system. This system will help you to understand how to construct use-cases specific to your organization’s needs, your needs are key to determining the system you select. No specialist is needed to help your team configure and manage your CogDAM system. CogDAM guarantees a low learning curve for the average PC users by beginning importing your files and organizing it quickly and easily. Our low price reflects smaller companies with lower overhead that will help you reap the benefits.

Make your decision for CogDAM and begin importing your assets with no time. No need for long phone conversation with software vendor representatives who are only interested in their own profits instead of worrying your unique problems. This Digital Management will increase revenue and productivity by creating, reusing and repackaging for all networks and channels. CogDAM solution will allow to increase visibility and control so that you can capitalize on asset usage and manage intellectual property rights. It will generate, use and reuse content, enhance multichannel delivery, handle your high volumes of large media files, improve integration between creative desktop tools and enterprise software and manage intellectual property right.

CogDAM will optimize asset creation and management enterprise wide with flexible, automated environment reducing operating costs with improved efficiency across a content value chain. Optimize creative workflows through integration with design applications preparing growth with an application built on open and standardized architecture that will scale to meet your needs, lower total cost ownership with an integrated software landscape.