CogDAM – An advanced Digital Education

Technology has always been a major focus on educational world. This includes many of the features that we do on the subject using technology in the classroom due to ever-changing nature of technology. Technology in school provides effective learning making a difference in the way teachers teach and students learn. Teachers have to process many different types of data, productivity tools to use for most teaching and learning tasks. Where there is so much demand in technology digital teaching it becomes almost impossible to store data according to the needs and resources to suits their subject, mixing various media in creating new learning but with the help of CogDAM (Digital Management) it becomes easier to manage files accordingly which helps to easily access the files be it photos, videos, audios, documents and magazine issues.

The purpose of  CogDAM  for digital files is to keep all your digital work organized for easy and logical access. CogDAM digital Management will not only create and store but also manage and retrieve files that have been store years back making it much easier to organize and use in teaching. It will also make it easier to construct, consider and communicate better. It offers capabilities for advanced end to end workflows, review, approval, publishing and distribution of files.

As the number of images or other digital assets in a teaching or research collectively grows, it becomes necessary to develop a system that will help you organize, manage, annotate and export these items.  CogDAM  system will  provide information on files, photos, videos anytime and anywhere making it an experience of dramatic growth. This technology will also stimulate improvement in administrative productivity and enabled a transformation of business processes and practices breaking the difficulties of managing digital content suffering problems reflective of the nature of digital materials, information technologies (documents, audio recording, video files) particularly as the collection grows into hundreds and thousands

CogDAM will also provide you to manage selecting images from collection based on specific search criteria, and then importing them into a PowerPoint presentation. Identifying images from a collection and sharing that subset with students for study purpose, sharing a subset of a collection online with collaborators, for purpose of scholarly study or addition of metadata. Digital asset management has helped a number of organization since its inception by increasing efficiency that pulls files directly from a DAM while using any other software, saving time, keeping files securely decreasing production delays and cost by assigning tasks to internal and external teams.

Invest on Cognosys CogDAM to promote sustainability, longevity, accessibility of your education outputs and reduce cost arising from lost or inaccessible information improving visibility of value and impact of digital assets