CogDAM Delivering Omnichannel experiences

CogDAM is a completely web-based digital asset management and data mining solution powering you with Omni-channel experiences that helps the user create, manage, deliver and retrieve or archive images, audio, video and any other files supporting any screen or devices. This system has proved to be the top user friendly in organizing and quickly customizing files just by a click. It is a multi platform that works with all major browsers on all popular platforms. CogDAM solutions help organisations mitigate business risk by protecting their brands from common distribution, making it significantly faster and easier to repurpose digital content across devices and platform, opening possibilities for new revenue streams.

CogDAM (Digital Assets Management) is a central location to store and protect digital assets which allows you to reach your files across multiple channels and devices with brand consistency from wherever your journey takes you. Managing your files in a more organized way has become much easier with a lower operating cost through this system making it the best fit where the amount and type of digital assets you manage and workflow surrounding your rich media is used. A visually rich, user focused interface to support in accessing and organizing your resources.

This Digital asset management provides comprehensive advanced search increasing efficiency by locating the exact files instantly allowing you to focus your search quick and easily. Sharing becomes easier with colleagues on projects responding faster to external resource request. Automatic resource preview and conversion tools allow you to view and edit your assets no matter the format and automatically transcoding your uploaded files to different formats, resolutions saving time by providing with the format you need. CogDAM was built with security in mind, where you can securely maintain your files while collaborating with internal and external teams.

CogDAM enhance workflow efficiency by providing features such as to drag and drop interface to add videos, ability to add comments to the content, notifications on new content, tags videos or add custom metadata, adapting streaming capabilities, ability to manage or approved videos and more which are not supported in most of the DAM system.

Cognosys CogDAM is designed to meet your needs of different types from creating to managing and repurpose. This system has proved to be one that is reliable and a complete package of what you just need in managing your assets of any kind. Where other DAM system may provide you with some or little that you need, here is one that will completely provide you with all that you need.
Give CogDAM a try with no obligations and feel the difference.